January 4, 2000

Info - Easiest way to find what you are looking for

The easiest way to find something on this site

Use the SEARCH BOX (see top right)*
Use the PAGES section (just under the search box)
Use the LABELS (just under the poll)
Use the BLOG ARCHIVE (just under the labels)

The main categories are

  • Info - Pages like this one with information or tips**
  • Lot - All the lots and buildings I have made
  • Objects - All objects I have made 
  • Simmies - All simmies I have made
  • Story - All stories I have written

How to find a specific Lot

Use the labels according to the following criteria:
Lots are either Community or Residential
By lotsize - Lotsize 20x20, Lotsize 30x40 etc
By style - Victorian, Retro, British style, Greek style, Scandinavian style
By function - Bank, Church Junk yard, Laundry etc
By series - Home Sweet Home, Kefalonia, Bricktown, St. Mary Mead etc
By architect definition - Residential buildings can be Apartment, House, Cottage, Mansion, Farm, Starter
Other searches - Slope (buildings built on a slope), No CC (upload has no custom content items), No Store (upload has no items from The Store)

How to find a specific Sim
Use the labels according to the following criteria:

By age - Child female, Child male, Teen female, Teen male,   Adult female, Adult male, Elder female, Elder male (Child includes Toddlers and babies, Adult includes Young adult)
By style/theme - St. Mary Mead, Victorian, Scandinavian style etc

* Note that the search bar might not work properly for the older posts, due to a known problem with imported blogs. If you can't find what you are looking for, please use the Labels instead.

** I have dated all my info pages to the year 2000, so that they wont interfere with the other stuff. They are in chronological order, but the publish dates are not correct of course.

I hope this was helpful!

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