June 29, 2012

Sim - Mrs Estelle Lestrange

Is she good? Is she bad? Maybe a murderer? For sure she is a very mysterious woman, and kind of pretty, in an interesting way. Rumor says that she is in St. Mary Mead for a very particular reason, and somebody in the village knows exactly what the reason is.
(If you haven't read Agatha Christie's "The Murder at the Vicarage", you can see some background for Mrs. Lestrange here.)

Mrs Estelle Lestrange, Young Adult (on the limit to Adult)
Traits: Adventurous, Great Kisser, Commitment Issues, Never Nude, Snob
Lifetime wish: Gold Digger
It seems that Mrs. Lestrange have been traveling all over the world, and has photos and other memories to show for it.  Mrs Lestrange's hair is from The Store. If you don't have it in your game you can still download without problems, but the hair will be replaced with a base game item.

Info about this upload
CC items: None
Store items:
EPs: World Adventure, Ambition, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime
SPs: High-End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Master Suite

Mrs Estelle Lestrange
Happy simming!

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