July 31, 2010

Sim - Wittusen Family

What is a Victorian house without a proper family? Empty! But wait no more! The Wittusen family would love to move in to your Victorian House Anno 1894, or any other appropriate home you would want to give them.

Lot - Victorian House Anno 1894

I find the Victorian Style so attractive, and I can’t get enough of these old houses in my neighborhood. This elegant building from 1894 will easily house a family of four, even if the size is quite moderate. The large outdoor area gives the children plenty of room to play, and it even has a small fruit and vegetable garden.

July 29, 2010

Lot - Simelon Bank & Credit

Don't you find it annoying that your Sims can't get a proper mortgage when they are about to buy a new house? Well now they can! At least in a simmish way!  Just move (one of) your Simmies into the bank, make them fill out the "Motherlode-application", and in no-time their loan is disposable on their account! And the best thing: the bank has very good conditions for repayment.

Lot - Village Froya House

This old Scandinavian farmhouse has been modernized to fit the standards of a family of today. Fortunately the mother in the family is an interior designer, and knew exactly how to balance between the charming old house and a contemporary style. She has, of course, her own studio and office on the first floor.
The house would be suitable for any small family, but especially those with two boys would feel that it is perfect for them. And if anyone likes fishing, they would be thrilled to spend their afternoons by the lovely pond...

July 25, 2010

Lot - Village Hitra House

There is no luxury in this house. It is modest, but cozy and comfortable. So typical Scandinavian, don't you think? It would be the perfect home for a small family of four, preferably two girls, so that they can fully enjoy the little dolls house in the garden. Or if it is a truly Scandinavian family; the boys would enjoy the dolls house just the same, and everybody would find it perfectly okay!