Frequently asked questions

How do I find what I'm looking for?

You can find some helpful suggestions on how to search here.

How do I download?

Download the files to a folder on your desktop or any other place on your computer that you will remember. The files are packed as rar files and you will have to unzip them before putting them into your game. If you don't know how to do this, this article might be helpful.

Installing a Sims3pack file

There are two ways to install a Sims3pack file in your game.

If you have downloaded just a few items, the easiest way is to double click on the file, and it will open the launcher (the Sims 3 start menu) and install itself in the right place. Be patient, because the launcher sometimes takes some time to open. In the small window that opens, you will get a confirmation when the file has installed itself (“Success!”). This method is the same whether you have downloaded objects, patterns, sims or lots, as long as it is a Sims3pack file.

If you have downloaded many items you might find it easier to copy or move all the files to the download folder: .../My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads

Then you have to open the launcher (The Sims 3 start menu) and then click on Downloads and tick all the items you want to install. Note that there are tabs at the top of the menu, in case you want to limit the list of items you see (only lots, only patterns, etc). You can tick as many as you want, but if you have a slow computer it might be better to install in several rounds. Click on the Install-button, and all the files you have ticked will install automatically. Once installed, you will get the same kind of confirmation as mentioned above.

Installing .package files

You will only find Sims3pack downloads at KSW. If you downloaded from somewhere else, you will find information about installation of .package files here.

How do I know the difference between the two file types?

As mentioned earlier, the Sims 3 downloads here at KSW are all in Sims3Pack format. When you look at a file inside the Download folder (.../My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads) it has the little blue icon with the plumbob on it, and the full file name ends with “.sims3pack”.

I want to create subfolders in my Download folder

Unfortunately you cannot make subfolders in your Download folder in Sims 3. If you do it, the items will not show up in your game, since it can not read the files unless they are in the Download folder directly.

I like this house/sim/object, but the creator has used items from an Expansion pack or Stuff pack that I don’t have

This is not a problem in Sims 3, the item will simply be replaced by a base game item.

I like this house/sim/object, but I don’t want to install all the CC the creator has used

Most of the time CC is is automatically included in the house/sim/object (but please read the next paragraph). But you can clean the file by using Delphy's Custard, before you install. You can download the program here, and there is a small tutorial here. Items from the Store work in the same way as items from Expansion packs and Stuff packs (see above).

I downloaded a house/lot with CC, but the included CC doesn't show up in my game?

First of all make sure you haven't ticked off the box to play without custom content.
Sometimes CC doesn't show up because it doesn't install properly with the house. This might be  because the CC is in package format. Package format CC must always be installed separately. The reason might also be that the CC have been in the uploader's game for a long time, and the sims3packing process doesn't understand that it's CC. I'm not kidding! In both cases, download the CC separately from the creators site (link provided in the post).
If it still doesn't work you could try this guide.

How can I create custom content for Sims 3?

You can custom almost everything you want in your game, with the Create-a-Style tool!

If you want to make meshes, recolors or patterns for upload you should get to know your paint program (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, etc) really well. Making patterns or recolor paintings would be the easiest way to start as a Sims 3 creator, but it is still not something you should expect to learn in an afternoon.

I started with the TSR Workshop tool, and there are a lot of tutorials around on how to get started. Just google it! :)

How often do you update with new downloads?

Updates at KyriaT's Sims3 World depends on how busy KyriaT is in the real world. There is no regular sequence. You can follow me on Twitter (@KyriaTvonAnno, all my updates will be announced there. Or you can follow this blog of course!

I left a comment, but I can't see it?

As of June 3, 2014 I've decided to restrict comments to only non-anonymous users. I'm so fed up deleting comments from spammers, so at least for some time ahead you will not be able to comment anonymously. All comments will still have to be approved before they show up, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there seems to be no other way to avoid this shit. If you want to tell me something or ask me something, and you don't want to use your name in public, just send me an email!

Do you take requests?

I might do that if I like your idea :) Send me a note and let's take it from there.

Terms of use


You can do what you want with my houses, except:
- Don't upload it anywhere else and claim it as your own. That would be silly anyway, since the house is already uploaded here... If you make an extreme makeover, you can upload it, IF you give credit with link to me ("Based on a house by KyriaT at KSW", or something like that).
- The lot itself, parts or included content must of course never ever be uploaded to Paysites.


- Don't upload them and claim them as your own
- I would consider it an honor if you include them in your lot, but please don't upload on Paysites. Credit and a link back to me is appreciated.

Happy simming!