July 30, 2012

Story - The Chronicle, July 30

Read all about it: Rapid intervention

A tourist had an ailment last night in downtown St. Mary Mead, with Miss Marple and the travel guide as horrified witnesses. Fortunately Dr. Haydock arrived within minutes, and took action immediately.

July 29, 2012

Sim - Mr Lawrence Redding

Mr Lawrence Redding is the classic womanizer. He flirts and impose any woman, at all times, without scruples. Scandals follow his footsteps, and this is not very attractive, it's actually quite outrageous. And still, there is something very charming about the man. ;)

Lot - Mr Redding's Cottage

Mr Redding's Cottage is so small that he can barely work as an artist, so when he has larger work in process he goes to his friends at the vicarage to get space. Nevertheless, it is a fully functional home with all the necessities, and a convenient place for his more or less secretive entertaining of the village women.

July 25, 2012

Lot - The Cider Factory

With the huge amount of great apples grown in the St. Mary Mead gardens, the villagers are happy that they can bring their fruit to the cider factory. Who doesn't enjoy a glass of good cider? It has become quite a hard competition among the ladies of the town to provide the best cider, even though Miss Marple is usually winning.

Lot - The Public Bath

In the middle of the 19th century the megalomaniac (or mad, if you like) Maire Musgrove decided to build a bath in St. Mary Mead, in hope of "fresher air at the council meetings". Many villagers thought this was much too extravagant for their little town, but now that it's there it is highly appreciated. To spend a day at the bath is refreshing for body and soul!

July 24, 2012

Lot - The Post Office

The post office of the village is so much more than receiving your parcels and letters. It is the heart of the village. If you want to be up to date on the latest gossip, this is the place to be. You can get a cup of coffee. You can get your picture taken. You can relax, reading through your mail (or a book). But it is not really about that, it's about meeting your neighbours and communicating with them. So don't let anybody tell you that the office of Royal Mail is a boring place. This is, in fact, where village life happens.

July 23, 2012

Lot - The Tennis and Cricket Club

The Tennis and Cricket Club has a long history and many devoted members. Originally it was a closed club, only frequented by the rich and famous. A few years ago it was open to common people, not without discussion, but it seems that even the poshest members have accepted it now.

July 7, 2012

Sim - Miss Amanda Hartnell

Amanda Hartnell is a no-nonsense woman, loved by most, but feared by some. She has the habit of telling the truth, no matter the cost. That can be very annoying for those who have something to hide, but is the exact reason why others hold her so highly. Amanda talks with everybody, but has just a few close friends, one of them being Miss Marple.

July 2, 2012

Lot - The Florist

At The Florist the villagers can get some beautiful plants or practical tools for their gardens, or admire the fantastic flower arrangements that the owner Mrs. Spenlow make in the workshop upstairs. Next door there is a small travel agency (the travel agent lives conveniently upstairs, by the way), who has tickets for long distance travels. But most sims come in just to dream about the exotic places while reading the brochures.
(In truth, they can't buy a thing anyway - the lot is purely for socializing and decorative purposes.)

Lot - Mrs Lestrange's cottage

Mrs. Lestrange is a mysterious woman, but she is in St. Mary Mead for a very particular reason. She has a very special bond with .... eh, let's keep it a secret, for now. When not in St. Mary Mead she loves to travel, and nobody knows how long she will stay in the village. And you could of course move in another family, the house is suitable for three.

July 1, 2012

Sim - Miss Anne Adams

Poor Miss Adams. She was never blessed with good looks, and her skinny figure and huge nose made her shy and uncomfortable towards other people, at a time when plastic surgery was not an option. On the other hand, one has to admire how she make the best use of what she has. She caught the eye of the stinking rich Lucius Protheroe, and my guess is she will become Anne Protheroe in no time. Of course this is all up to you.