August 26, 2012

Story - The Chronicle, August 26

Increasing alcohol consumption
There is a significantly increase in the consumption of alcohol, after The Blue Boar Pub removed the age limit in the evenings. “It shouldn’t be up to us to decide” says Mr Brewster, the Pub owner. “Parents ought to have some control over where their kids are at night, and what they are doing, and not leave the problem to us.”

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August 19, 2012

Lot - Pensioners Park

It's not called Pensioners Park because it is only for retired people, everybody in St. Mary Mead likes to come to this little park. But it is maintained by the Pensioners Society, and they make sure everything is tidy and neat. That said, it is the pensioners' favorite park, mostly because it is quiet and calm. A couple of times there have been suggestions to add a swing, but the proposals was rejected. "Children does not have to be everywhere!", Mrs Babcock states.

August 18, 2012

Story - The Chronicle, August 18

Tragic accident at the Tinker Camp
For the first time in history (as far as we know) a meteor struck St. Mary Mead. Just as Harman Buckland was getting the horses ready for the night, a huge stone struck just next to his wife Kizzie, who was painting in the garden.

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August 17, 2012

Object - Small Embroideries

My sims really like to decorate their walls with some sweet embroideries. I hope you like them too! :)

August 9, 2012

Lot - Bus Stop Park

St. Mary Mead is a small village, and doesn't have much public transportation, but twice a day there is a bus for Much Benham. Since you can't know exactly when the bus comes, it's good that there is a waiting area, especially for the impatient kids. The Bus Stop Park is also a popular place to have a family pick nick on Sundays, it's a good place to meet with the neighbours. The little nook under the old oak trea is also a favored place for young (or not so young) couples.

August 8, 2012

Sim - The guests at the Inn

A good place to study human nature would be at the hotels and pensions around the world. No exception for the Inn of St. Mary Mead, there are some very exceptional people staying there.

Story - The Chronicle, August 8

Puppy love

Mrs. Lestrange was literally shocked when she found a helpless puppy left in her garbage can a few days ago. "I fear that this was no mistake, but that it was left there to die a slow and painful death. It is so unbelievably cruel!"

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August 7, 2012

Lot - Mulled Wine Inn

This little B&B gives shelter to every tourist and temporary guest in St. Mary Mead. At the moment most of the rooms are taken by the film crew that is visiting, shooting the new film of Marina Gregg. It is family-run, and has rooms of different sizes and standard. The food is good, but even better is the famous mulled wine, served every evening in the little bar by the reception. But just one glass per customer!

August 4, 2012

Lot - Small Hill Park

Dog and cat owners have been complaining a while about not having a place to take their pet for a walk nearby. "You can not expect little Fido to walk the 4 kilometers to the City Park to do his necessities!", Mrs. Smith explained to the mayor. For just a few simoleons a toilet and couple of benches have been provided, and the pet owners of St. Mary Mead are very happy about it. So are their neighbours, who were fed up with cats and dogs visiting their gardens at all times.

Sim - The Spenlow Family

At first glance one would never think that this couple would be able to share their life happily together. They are so different in taste and personality, but there still are similarities. Mrs Spenlow has been married several times. She has more experience in life than most, and consider herself very lucky to be able to live a "boring" life. Mr Spenlow also had enough drama in his life, and after experiencing bankruptcy, he appreciates to the full the comfortable life his wife's money brings. Unfortunately more dramatic events are to hit them both. But that's another story.

Lot - Spenlow's Cottage

The Spenlows came quite late in life to St. Mary Mead. They wanted to escape from their hectic life in London, and rather live a good, peaceful life in the country, taking care of their garden and the flower shop, and, of course, relaxing and playing domino. There is no better place than St. Mary Mead for doing just that!

August 1, 2012

Lot - The Prison

Criminals should not be left unpunished, and the council in St. Mary Mead decided that one way the prisoners could give something back to society and serve their time at the same time, would be to recycle the village junk. (Hence, the prison is defined as a junk yard.) Some prisoners can even make really valuable things from what others through away.