August 8, 2012

Sim - The guests at the Inn

A good place to study human nature would be at the hotels and pensions around the world. No exception for the Inn of St. Mary Mead, there are some very exceptional people staying there.

You can download one and one guest, or the whole "family" in one download. (at the bottom of this page).

Pamela Reeves, Young Adult
Traits: Ambitious, Easily Impressed, Friendly, Clumsy, Star Quality
Lifetime wish: Superstar Actor
Miss Reeves is a pretty and a bit naive young girl, who's secret dream is to become an actress, and would do almost everything to reach her goal.
Download Pamela Reeves

Ruby Keene, Young Adult
Traits: Athletic, Natural Born Performer, Friendly, Family-Oriented, Heavy Sleeper
Lifetime wish: Master Acrobat
Miss Keene is a natural blonde and friendly to everyone. Even to the ones who doesn't deserve it.

Download Ruby Keene

Josie Turner, Young Adult
Traits: Charismatic, Snob, Genius, Evil, Brave
Lifetime wish: Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous
Miss Turner is very charming, but a sly and calculating young woman, determined to get what she wants in life.
Download Josie Turner

Raymond Starr, Young Adult
Traits: Athletic, Great Kisser, Commitment Issues, Snob, Social Butterfly
Lifetime wish: Become a Superstar Athlete
Mr Starr is a Argentinian dance- and tennis coach, and has a special way with wealthy, middle aged women.
Download Raymond Starr

Basil Blake, Adult
Traits: Flirty, Inappropriate, Party Animal, Handy, Coward
Lifetime wish: Master Romancer
Mr Blake works for the film industry, and is the village bad-boy. His hobbies are bottle-blonde women and loud parties.
Download Basil Blake
Info about this upload
CC items: None
Store items: None
EPs: World Adventure, Ambition, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime
SPs: High-End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Master Suite, Katy Perry's Sweet Treats, Diesel

All five guests at the Inn

Happy Simming!

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