February 28, 2011

Lot - Victorian Apartment Anno 1895

Sims from Victorian times also enjoyed city life, and who wouldn't love to live in this semi-detached house? That is provided you have nice neighbours of course. Well you are never able to control who will move in next door, are you? The apartment is elegant and spacious, just fitting for a family with one child, and you may even decorate the rooms in the attic for more kids, or maybe you would have some servants living in.

February 25, 2011

Lot - Norwegian Wood Utvik

Many families dream about living the simple life in the countryside. It usually turn out not beeing that simple after all, but if you want your little sim family to try it out, this might be the perfect place. This small cottage is perfect for a family of three, but could even be the home of a family of four or five, with some minor adjustments. The space inside might be limited, but the whole family, and especially the kids, would love the freedom and fresh air outside!

Lot - Agios Ioannis Orthodox Church

Life is short, especially for the sims, and the orthodox sims needed a place to bury their loved ones. So they built this little chapel in a secluded part of town, and very soon the marble "tafos" became inhabited by the deceased.

The little chapel is built in honor of Agios Ioannis, or St. John if you like, and here the sims can find a quiet moment or grief. Or maybe they prefer to have a little picnic, close to their family members.

February 18, 2011

Lot - Norwegian Wood Holte

This large farm would be suiting for your extended sim family, and has a lot of space outdoors and indoors, in four different buildings. The yellow building would be perfect for the grandparents, where they could have their privacy, and still be close to their loved ones. The gray building is more modern, and could easily hold a family of four, or more, if you wish. As if this wasn't enough, you could use the extra space in the old barn and the pole granary (stabbur). A hottub in the granary? Art studio in the barn? If you have Pets, maybe knock down the barn door and make it a stable? Or if you want to make a living as a tatooist, designer or stylist and need some space for that? It's up to you!