December 4, 2011

Lot - Christmas Victorian Yellowhammer

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." I bet the Sims do too.  Since this lot originally was made before the Seasons EP,  the climate in the Sims world was very stabile, and winter was not an option. At least not without cheating... You can find this lot it in two versions; with or without "snow". The snowy version has a slightly adjusted garden, and you will need the white terrainpaint marked * in the list of cc. The interior is the same. Please read also the gameplay notes below.

The actual inspiration of this house was a Christmas card with a motive from the kitch painter Thomas Kinkade. You can see the motive/the original house here.

If you are looking for more Victorian houses, try this search.

You can see all the exterior pictures from this lot (both versions) here.
You can see all the interior pictures from this lot here.
Note! No sims or vehicles included!

Info about this lot
Residential House
Lotsize: 30 x 30
Price furnished: 105 007
Price unfurnished: 61 163
Fully furnished and decorated

2 floors
Ground floor: Kitchen, dining room, salon, conservatory, office
First floor: 3 bedrooms, hall/salon, bath

There are items on this lot that are not from the basic game, as listed below. Note that CC items will be installed in your game with the house. Items from The Store, EP's and Stuff packs that you don't have will be replaced with items from the base game. If you want the house to show up in your game exactly as in the pictures, you might need the expansions/stuff packages above and the listed items from the Store.

Gameplay notes: The harmonium is for decor only. The dining room is not the Sims' preferred place to eat, they will eat in the kitchen, the salon or outside. They will not eat in dining room, unless you delete (some of) the tablecloths. In the uploaded houses I have added an extra sink from the base game, since the family, for some reason, went to the bathroom upstairs to do the dishes in the original setting. 

Info about this upload
CC items: My most sincere thanks to the creators - you make this game so much more interesting!
Store items:
EPs: World Adventure, Ambition, Late Night, Generations, Pets
SPs: High-End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life

Christmas Victorian Yellowhammer

Happy simming!

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