January 5, 2000

Info - List of creations from the St Mary Mead project

This is a shortlist of the buildings and residents we made for the AnnoSims Group project St. Mary Mead, loosly based on the novels of Agatha Christie. I've linked only the creations I made myself, and who are available here at KSW. For the other creations and a description of the project, please visit AnnoSims*.
*Edit Dec 20, 2012: Unfortunately the site has been unavailable since December 2012. You can find some of the buildings at Romy's sims3 housing. The lots and simmies by Marbi are unfortunately not available at the moment.

Community buildings
Bus Stop park by KyriaT
Jamieson Hairdresser (Beauty Salon) by KyriaT
Odds and Ends and Tea room (Consignment store) by Marbi
Old School: Library and Bookstore (Consignment Store) by Marbi
Mrs. Spenlows Flower shop (Visitors allowed) by KyriaT
Small Hill Park by KyriaT
Smith's Forging Workshop and Garage by Marbi
St. Mary Mead Art Gallery (Art Gallery) by Marbi
St. Mary Mead Church (Graveyard) by Romy
St. Mary Mead Tennis and Cricket Club (Gym) by KyriaT
The Blue Boar Pub (Local watering hole) by Marbi
The Cider Factory (Nectary) by KyriaT
The Fire station by KyriaT
The Pensioners Park by KyriaT
The Post office (Visitors allowed) by Kyria T
The Prison (Junk Yard) by KyriaT
The Public Bath (Pool) by KyriaT
The Railway station (Visitors allowed) by KyriaT
The Wedding Garden (The old church) (Park) by Romy

Residential buildings
Dr. Haydock's house by KyriaT
Gossington Hall by Marbi
Lawrence Redding's Cottage by Kyria T
Miss Hartnell's Cottage by Romy
Miss Marple's Cottage by Kyria T
Miss Wetherby's Cottage by Marbi
Mr. Giles' farm by Marbi
Mrs. Lestrange's Cottage by KyriaT
Mrs. Price Ridley's Cottage by Marbi
Mulled Wine Inn by KyriaT
Small Family Residence by Marbi
The Old Hall by Kyria T
Spenlow's Cottage by Kyria T
The Development (several lots) by Marbi
- The Development Prefab A
- The Development Prefab B
- The Development Tinker Camp
The Vicarage with art studio by KyriaT

Heather and Leonard Badcock by Marbi
Cherry and Philip Baker with family by Marbi
Mrs Dolly Bantry and Miss Marina Gregg by Marbi
Kizzie and Harman Buckland with family * by Marbi
Griselda and Leonard Clement with family by KyriaT
Alfred and Bernard Giles by Marbi
Miss Amanda Hartnell by KyriaT
Dr Henry Haydock by KyriaT
Mrs Estelle Lestrange by KyriaT
Miss Jane Marple by KyriaT
Mrs Martha Price-Ridley by Marbi
Colonel Lucius Protheroe with family by KyriaT
Miss Anne Adams (soon to be Mrs. Protheroe) by KyriaT
Mr Lawrence Redding by KyriaT
Mr Smith * by Marbi
Mr and Mrs Spenlow by KyriaT
Miss Caroline Wetherby by Marbi
The guests at the Inn by KyriaT
- Mr Basil Blake
- Miss Ruby Keene
- Miss Pamela Reeves
- Mr Raymond Starr
- Miss Josie Turner

* Not in the original Miss Marple stories.


  1. I remember this project! I came upon it, quite by accident, while looking for some good replacement lots for an exchange world I was playing at the time. I downloaded most of your lots, but lost them, and the world I was playing a few months later, when my computer died.
    Anyway, I'm so very happy I was able to find you once again. Have been looking for a while now, and thanks to Black Pearl Sims I finally discovered your new home!
    So, here's my question. I really like all these St. Mary Meade lots - have downloaded all of them, plus the families - but I was wondering, which world did you guys use for this project? I have been googling and searching for an answer - didn't want to be a pest and bug you - but haven't found any answers. So, time to be a pest, and just ask.
    Thank you for your hel p. But mostly just thank you for being so sweet and generous with your time and talents. Love all your creations.

  2. Google is acting stupid tonight, so I'll try this again.
    I've been looking for you for a loooong time. Really long. And thanks to Black Pearl Sims, I found a link to this site. Anyway, I ran across your St Mary Meade project, over on the old AnnoSims site, while looking for some good replacement lots for an exchange world I was playing. At the time, I downloaded almost everything. But, a couple months later, lost everything, when my computer died.
    Anyway, lately I've been looking for a new world to play, and was wondering, which world did you guys use for this project?
    This looks like a fun idea, and even though all the lots are no longer available, I can make new ones myself. I've got all f yours - thank you so very much! - and the link to Romy's (Can't DL, but she's posted pictures). I just need to know what world you guys used.
    Thank you in advance for your help. But mostly for all these beautiful lots and sims. This is just the project I've been looking for.

  3. I'm sorry for the late response, I've had some health issues lately that took the better part of me.
    I'm truly happy that you enjoyed the St. Mary Mead project so much! We used a modified (IE we placed some extra lots) version of Riverview, but you can use any world you like.

    If you want, you could contact Marbi at Affinity Sims (http://www.affinitysims.com/), maybe she still have some of the lots and sims in her computer. She is also a member at BPS if you prefer to contact her there. From what I understand some of the Anno stuff was also moved to a yahoo-group, but I can't find the link right now. It is possible that some of the St. Mary Mead is to be found there.

    Good luck!