October 22, 2010

Lot - Agia Sophia Orthodox Church

In some simtowns there is a community with Greek origin (like my Kefalonian neighbourhood), and where there are Greeks, there is of course at least one Greek Orthodox church. The Greek sims are very proud of their old church from the byzantine period, and they use it frequently. Obviously they go to church to pray or light a candle, but it is of course the natural center for any big, Greek, fat wedding, and the obvious place to meet at the important village- and church celebrations; the Panegyri.

The name of the church, Agia Sophia, is commonly translated as Saint Sophia, which is associated with The Holyness of God's wisdom. My Agia Sophia is inspired by a real Agia Sophia and other wonderful byzantine churches at Mystras, Greece, but it is of course adapted for the sims.

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Note! No sims or vehicles included!

Info about this lot
Community lot - Art Gallery
Lotsize: 25 x 25
Price furnished: (102 108)
Price unfurnished: (56 217)
Fully furnished and decorated

The Church has one usable floor, and you are able to arrange a wedding on this lot.

Please note before you install:
You must place the shop on a Community lot 25x25 or larger, defined as "Art Gallery" for it to work properly. (If you are not sure how to do this, see this explanation.)

There are items on this lot that are not from the basic game, as listed below. Note that CC items will be installed in your game with the house. Items from The Store, EP's and Stuff packs that you don't have will be replaced with items from the base game. If you want the house to show up in your game exactly as in the pictures, you might need the expansions/stuff packages above and the listed items from the Store.

Info about this upload
CC items: My most sincere thanks to the creators - you make this game so much more interesting!
Store items: 
EPs: World Adventure, Ambition
SPs: High-End Loft, Fast Lane

Agia Sophia Orthodox Church

Happy Simming!

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