June 8, 2012

Lot - The Railway station

The Railwaystation is an important traffic junction for the citizens of St. Mary Mead. Maybe the trains are not that frequent, but if you are patient, the 4.50 from Paddington will arrive. The Station Master live on the first floor, and must be a very friendly person, since he never locks his door. He lets the visiting sims have a snack or lay down to rest in his private quarters, if they need to. (All though very few have actually seen him!)

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Note! No sims included!

Info about this lot
Community lot - Visitors allowed
Lotsize: 40 x 30
Price furnished: (61 844)
Price unfurnished: (38 441)
Fully furnished and decorated

2 floors + workshop
Ground floor: Ticket office/waiting area, W.C., Station Master's office
First floor: One bedroom, kitchenette/living room, shower/W.C.

Please note before you install:
 You must place the park on a Community lot 40x30 or larger, defined as "Visitors allowed" for it to work properly. (If you are not sure how to do this, see this explanation.)

There are items on this lot that are not from the basic game, as listed below. Note that CC items will be installed in your game with the house. Items from The Store, Expansion packs (EP) and Stuff packs (SP) that you don't have will be replaced with items from the base game. If you want the house to show up in your game exactly as in the pictures, you will need the expansions/stuff packages below and the listed items from the Store.

This lot was a part of the St. Mary Mead project at AnnoSims.

Info about this upload
CC items: My most sincere thanks to the creators - you make this game so much more interesting!
Store items:
EPs: World Adventure, Ambition, Late Night, Generations, Pets
SPs: High-End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Master suite

The Railway station

Happy Simming!

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